The morning is chilly and the temperature is set to drop even more…I need a scarf!!!

I cant bear the afternoon sun and just cant afford to cause damage to my hair and skin…. I need my scarf !!!

Didn’t get time to shampoo my hair and facing a bad hair day….Where is my scarf???

It’s a plain white top…lets add some glamour to it….Swooossshhh…Here goes the perfect scarf…

One humble garment and so many benefits. Scarves have never got their due and they have always been an underestimated garment.

Scarves for me are ideally for protecting myself from harsh sun rays and pollution. I get tanned easily and that makes I am too finicky about my skin and hair and that’s the reason why I carry my scarf with me all the time.

But I like to be trendy as well. Then why not a two in advantage.

Getting the right kind is scarf is a difficulty as many of us are picky about the material, the length, the feel and the colour of the scarf. You do get a lot of inexpensive ones but they are a big style and quality compromise.

I love researching about things online and I scout a lot of websites for my needs. I totally believe in the concept of “I love getting all things delivered at my doorstep”. The same notion holds true for scarf as well and then one fine day I stumble upon this cool website exclusively dedicated to scarves…

Only scarves !!! Truly exciting it was !!!

Lets talk about

The moment you click their site you get an array of options of different kinds of scarves. (Seriously…I didn’t know that scarves come in different types).

From Bandanas…to Big Scarf…

From Jewelled Scarf…to Shawl…

From Stole…to Skinny Scarf…

From a Snood…to Square scarf ….Click here to see more options Visit here

Lets see what I ordered for…

First of all the scarves came in a plastic packaging with the brand name and company details mentioned on it. I found it decent and nice.


1st Scarf…

Asagao Digital Printed Scarf


The feel is to die for…Super soft and super comfortable. It doesn’t make you sweat like other scarves do. Probably it’s the material that makes it feel so amazing. I loved the print because its neither too simple nor too gaudy and that’s how I like my scarf to be. There are raw fringes at hemline.

The length is just perfect and it can be wrapped twice. So if you feel its too long you can adjust it by wrapping twice. You like it long? Then a single wrap and you are sorted.

The price for this scarf is INR 999. Check it out here Visit here

2nd Scarf…

Silver Scabious Printed Big Scarf


This was purely taken for my love for Penguins. The entire scarf has Little Penguins printed and it looks absolutely adorable. This black scarf is chic with little white pompoms at the hemline.

Again full points for the material and the feel.

This scarf costs INR 599. Check it our here Visit here

Now for all the scarf lovers who want to have more customized options…there are subscription plans from a monthly to yearly.

Check out their subscription plans here Visit here also have their retail presence in



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Bohemian Mistletoe says:

Summers are around the corner and that calls for more scarves. I already own three scarves from and I am definitely getting few more.

These scarves make an excellent birthday gift for your sister or your BFF…

So what you waiting for girl??? Just go get wrapped…

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