Get Wrapped – Get Stylish – Posted by AFREEN ANSARI

FASHION Get Wrapped – Get Stylish A lot of people have asked me why I always carry a scarf or wearing one. It’s just a part of my style that I like to have. It’s more like an individual identity that I have imbibed. Thus, finding the right scarf which has your kind of style, pattern, fabric and length is of utmost importance. Scarf is not just about getting wrapped in it, it’s also about making a style statement or adding that [...]

Over 30 ways of how to style a scarf- Get wrapped! – Posted by KIM

Over 30 ways of how to style a scarf- Get wrapped! So here’s a question i’d like to begin with. Q: How do you wrap yourself in a world of comfort, style, elegance and beauty? A: Wrap yourself in a scarf and indulge in its versatility!  They’re just so classy and feminine and practical. In the words of the timeless evergreen superstar Audrey Hepburn: A simple scarf does wonders to protect you from the chill of the wind, the stare of the sun, and even the [...]


The morning is chilly and the temperature is set to drop even more…I need a scarf!!! I cant bear the afternoon sun and just cant afford to cause damage to my hair and skin…. I need my scarf !!! Didn’t get time to shampoo my hair and facing a bad hair day….Where is my scarf??? It’s a plain white top…lets add some glamour to it….Swooossshhh…Here goes the perfect scarf… One humble garment and so many benefits. Scarves have never got their due and [...]